Our experiences with the new program

These are the stories from our Isle of Man units about the new program

We started using the new program in September 2018, so we’re presenting you here the experiences from Leaders, mums and our wonderful girls and young women.

Theme – Be Well // Activity – Doggy Language
by 1st Onchan Brownies’ Leader Trudy


As part of the new programme launch leaders were sent a sample activity pack, the activity sheet Doggy Language was part of that pack. When Freya and I looked through the activities there was no doubt this was one we were doing.

One of our pet peeves as a dog owner is that people feel they can just come up to our dog and say hello. The aim of the activity is to; ‘Uncover the secret world of dog behaviour. Know how to act when you’re with dogs and when to leave them alone too. This was a perfect activity.

Whilst a glamorous assistant (in this case Hollie) is not required, Freya was more than happy for her dog to come into the unit meeting and help us.

Brownies can be excitable, but one by one they respectfully asked if they could say hello to Hollie, whilst the other girls kept their distance so as not to crowd our special guest. There was a lot of sniffing on Hollie’s part as she got to know the Brownies.

The Brownies are working towards the Be Well Skills Builder: First Aid – Stage 2 and we hope to finish the Skills Builder Badge this coming term.

Hollie (Center) and, from left to right, Alice, Isabella, Alice, Cordy and Abi
Hollie (Center) and, from left to right, Alice, Isabella, Alice, Cordy and Abi

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