The Trefoil Challenge Badge

Manx Challenge 2018 To celebrate the Trefoil Guild’s 75th Birthday

To mark this special year, we challenge all members of Girlguiding from Rainbows to Trefoil Guild to get to know more about our Island. (There is also a UK challenge to mark this event.)

To gain your Manx Challenge 2018 badge:

  • Complete 5 challenges from the ‘Out and About – Explore the Island’ section
  • Complete 1 challenge from each of the other sections.

There is a variety of challenges to choose from in each section. You can work for Manx Challenge 2018 on your own or in a group. You need to complete the Challenge in 2018.

Out and About – Explore the Island

Visit 5 of these places that you’ve never been to before. Try to use different forms of transport, e.g. bus, train, walk, cycle, etc.

  • The Point of Ayre
  • The Claddaghs or the Curraghs
  • Maughold Head or Cashtyl yn Ard
  • Peel Castle
  • The Arboretum, St John’s – find your Parish trees
  • St Luke’s, Baldwin
  • The Braaid circle
  • Laxey Wheel or the Lady Evelyn
  • The top of Snaefell
  • King Orry’s Grave
  • Marine Drive, William Hillary’s statue and the Camera Obscura
  • Walk to the Tower of Refuge (on one of the organised dates)
  • Old Kirk Braddan Churchyard – look for the grave of Samuel Ally (who died in 1822 aged 18)
  • Castletown – the Old House of Keys, the Nautical Museum, Castle Rushen or Old Grammar School
  • Malew churchyard – find the vampire’s grave
  • Arbory Church – look for Sumner’s Pulpit, Quilliam’s grave & window
  • The Sound
  • A National Glen or waterfall
  • A Manx cross
  • An animal centre e.g. Wildlife Park, Mann Cat Sanctuary, MSPCA

Find out about

Complete 1 of these challenges.

  • Find out about Trefoil Guild and how it started
  • Find out about the bugganne & St Trinian’s church
  • Find out about Gef the talking mongoose
  • Find out about Jurby Church mice
  • Find out about Hop Tu Naa customs
  • Find out about the Witches Mill in Castletown
  • Find out about the ‘rocket house’ in Castletown
  • Find out about the colours used in Manx tartan
  • Find out about Baillie Scott buildings on the Island

Be creative

Complete 1 of these challenges.

  • Make a bonnag – share it with friends
  • Make a sand sculpture or take part in a sand pie competition
  • Make a decoration from natural materials e.g. a Crosh Cuirn or corn dolly
  • Make a drawing/painting/collage with a Manx related theme.
  • Take some photographs of Manx scenes
  • Try Manx quilting or patchwork
  • Enter an exhibit at the Royal show, the Southern show or a local show
  • Construct a Celtic knot design

Experience the Arts

Complete 1 of these challenges.

  • Go to a dramatic production, a concert or an art exhibition
  • Visit a museum or heritage site
  • Read or listen to a Manx folk story
  • Read or listen to a book by a Manx Author
  • Read or listen to some poetry by a Manx poet
  • Look at designs by Archibald Knox
  • Tour the Gaiety Theatre
  • Watch some Manx dancing, maybe join in
  • Collect 75 different Manx stamps and donate them to charity via Trefoil Guild


Complete 1 of these challenges.

  • Learn some Manx phrases e.g. Good morning, How are you? Be prepared, Lend a Hand
  • Learn the first and last verses of the Manx National Anthem.
  • Learn the names of our towns and villages in Manx
  • Learn the names of the Manx parishes