Girlguiding Isle of Man allowed to meet face to face again!

Due to the fantastic position that the Isle of Man is in with local elimination of Coronavirus, Girlguiding UK has given permission for Girlguiding IOM to plan their “return to face to face Guiding”.
Once our leaders have reviewed and implemented the new guidelines, ensuring everything is in order, in this new normal, regarding girls, Leaders and venue, we will be able to meet again.
It may be that some units continue to meet virtually for the moment until they are ready.
This is the first step so there will be no large scale events or residential events taking place at present.
Thank you for all your support during this very strange time & we look forward to getting back to some “normal” Guiding.

Virtually Guiding

We know things are very different at the moment and whilst we are unable to do face to face Guiding, some of our units are meeting “virtually” through various social media channels including Zoom and Facebook.
It is fantastic that the Manx Government has relaxed the distancing rules, but as an organisation we must continue to follow Girlguiding UK guidelines. So until we are to get back to unit meetings & all those other things we miss like outings, camps, residential sleepovers, and just getting together- have a look at some of the amazing things the girls and their leaders have been doing during lockdown.
With the situation we have found ourselves in over the last 3 months, not everyone has been able to continue to take part and we understand that and look forward to welcoming you all back when we are able to meet face to face.
We are still here and will let everyone know, once we know, that we are able to hold face to face meetings again and how they will run going forward.
Try and embrace the experience of things being different in the best way you can, take care of yourselves & hopefully we see you all soon.

New in 2020: our STEM Challenge for Brownies!

Girlguiding Isle of Man launches the STEM Challenge for Brownies in association with Love Tech.

A challenge designed and built with love by our wonderful local volunteers Shirley Strathdee, Ruth Watterson, Heather Bellinger and Francisca Cano Ortiz, led by Julie Farrar. Special thanks to Phoebe Roosen for the design of the badges.

The information and material for the challenge can be accessed and downloaded from this dedicated webpage and, if you have any questions/feedback, our email address is

To know more about Love Tech and the amazing work they do to promote STEM across the Isle of Man, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

STEM Challenge banner

Leaders! This is the recipe for a successful session

Yes, your guess was right… SLIME!!! 

Not in the new program, but a success every time (except for people with glitter allergies).


  • 1 1/2 – 2 cups old school shaving foam (not sensitive or added balms) you can get 4 batches per can
  • 1 cup PVA
  • 1/2 tbsp Bicarb
  • 1 smallish squirt acrylic paint (school paint) too much paint will curdle the mix so slime will  end up pastel colours
  • 1 tbsp contact lense solution (must contain boric acid) there is enough in a standard bottle to make around 12 batches



Mix shaving foam, glue, bicarb and paint in a large mixing bowl.
Add contact lense solution and mix in quite quickly, this will react and start to bind it all together. 
Once it has started to stick together knead, stretch and generally mess with it for at least 10 minutes but the more you play with it the better it will be. 
Add glitter/foil confetti or anything else (plastic bugs for Halloween etc) during kneading stage.
Will last as long as it is kept airtight (sandwich bags are perfect). The PVA will dry out if it is left exposed.

Onchan units enjoying the Manx Telecom It’s Our Community grant

All the units in the Onchan area have received the Manx Telecom It’s Our Community grant to support the purchase of the starter packs required for the new Girlguiding programme. 

Karen Walker, our Island Commissioner, explained: “The new programme is so exciting and enables all our members to develop new skills in a controlled way. The resources purchased with the Manx Telecom It’s Our Community grant will help leaders to plan and run activities that they may not be familiar with. The guiding journey for each girl will be a great experience and offer each girl chances to develop skills for their future, and possibly skills for future careers options. Today’s girls are the leaders of the future and we aim to equip them with the skills they will need to make that future as bright as possible.”

From Girlguiding Isle of Man, THANK YOU Manx Telecom!

BIG thanks to Manx Lottery Trust!

The Manx Lottery Trust has awarded Girlguiding Isle of Man with a grant of £6,000.

The funds have been put towards the rollout of a new programme, which provides local Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers with brand new resources: handbooks, badge books, unit activity cards and skills builders.

Karen Walker, our Commissioner, said: “The Trustees, volunteers and members are all excited about the implementation of this new programme, which is being phased in over the next year. It will be of huge benefit to the girls and young women as they develop into well-rounded adults and prepare them for whatever challenges life throws at them.

A big thank you goes out to the Manx Lottery Trust for its support of this project. It takes some of the financial pressures away and means our volunteers can focus their attention on the girls’ development rather than fundraising activities, which is a huge help.”

Read full article here.

Future Girl is here!

Girlguiding have launched their new plan for girl-led change and we can’t wait for YOU to be a part of it…

Based on girls and young women’s concerns, hopes and ideas, Future Girl covers topics such as appearance pressures and worldwide equality!

Find more information and the pack of posters to download here.

The 6th Douglas Brownies’ time capsules

The 6th Douglas Brownies are working towards their Archeology Interest badge and they buried two boxes with family pictures, badges and some personal items. One of the boxes will be opened in a year and the other in 10 years’ time. The newest members also had their promise ceremony in the wonderful Douglas Head, near the poppy memorial.