The Peace Light is back for Christmas

After arriving in the Isle of Man on 20th December all the way from Bethlehem, the Eternal Light was lit at the St. Johns Church during the service the next day. 

Paul Moulton, from,  interviewed the young ladies who brought it. You can watch it here

If you want to read the history behind the Peace Light of Bethlehem, visit Wikipedia

These are the images from the service at the St. John’s Church. 

3rd Ramsey Brownies make 39 poppies

3rd Ramsey Brownies made 39 poppies to remember each of the 39 men from the St.Olaves Church, Ramsey congregation that lost their lives during World War I. The poppies have been personalised with the names of the men and been planted in the flower beds at the front of the church.